Hey I’m Tutu

I can help you navigate the job market and find appealing roles that align with your vision and values.

Have you felt it’s time to get out of where you are? Knowing that your current position is not serving you anymore and you can do more, be more if only you knew what to do?

My clients felt this at some point. Regardless of how much time they worked with me, the results were a career deeply aligned with their values and goals, plus proportionate compensation.


The landscape of work is changing and it’s not just about a paycheck anymore. Finding a job that satisfies your need for impact, creativity, and all-around growth is vital.

You can get the job, career, and life you want if you allow yourself to explore and acquire the tools and the confidence to go after it. Let’s bring your vision to life. 

After successfully navigating my career, I can confidently say that I have helped many career men and women land fulfilling roles and six-figure salaries.

 I Created “Dwelling at Ease” to help you make the move from a job of necessity to a career of personal fulfilment.